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simple HTML Templating - overview

Note: Please note that this documentation as well as the engine itself is in early development stage. The documentation will be growing along with the library. The engine in this early version can still change radically. I did my best to prevent it but the appearance of the template variables or names and behavior of the functions in the API can be changed.

If you need really good HTML templating engine for PHP only (or Python), check this one: htmltmpl - templating engine by Tomas Styblo (SourceForge).


What is HTML templating about?

Using templates you can easily separate active code of dynamic web (written in PHP, ASP, etc.) from the HTML code and generally from the design of the page. It's much easier to work on design of such page and when designer works on the page separately from the programmer he doesn't have to have any programming skills. The template looks like ordinary HTML code but consist special named tags that are replaced with corresponding text when processing the page.

So, what about this library?

SimpleHT engine provides a simple way of separating HTML content from code written in PHP or ASP which are the most common languages for development of dynamic web applications. It acts exactly the same way in both these languages. It also uses the same templates which is the main goal of this project. This means you can more easily port your applications from PHP to ASP and vice versa without changing the template files. The engine also doesn't care for the syntax of the code in template and works only with its special tags which means the template can be in other then HTML format like XHTML, XML or something absolutely different.


The engine is distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License. You can find it's text at or in file "license.txt" enclosed within the engine package. Logo

last version: 0.2.1

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Closed officially. Finally. See more

A small fix, see changelog.

Second version is comming after a while with many news.

First vesion is out!